Micro Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion

Micro Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion

Rachel & Rana’s Micro Wedding

Weddings are truly magical events, filled with beauty, uniqueness, and special moments. Attending a wedding allows you to witness how couples incorporate their personal beliefs, cultures, and love stories into their big day. We at Elope In Tennessee, had the pleasure of helping plan a stunning blended micro wedding at Ravenswood Mansion. This unforgettable wedding celebrated the union of a Christian bride and Sheikh groom, combining traditions and cultural elements that created a truly remarkable experience. Discover the joy of blending traditions and celebrating love at our unforgettable micro weddings in Nashville, Tennessee.

Getting Ready

Rachel received professional pampering to prepare for her special day. The skilled team at Primp This crafted a stunning up-do hairstyle and flawless makeup application. Her look beautifully complemented her lace wedding gown with capped sleeves. Rana looked dashing in a perfectly tailored cobalt blue suit, accessorized with a blush pink silk turban adorned with gold beading. As they eagerly prepared for their wedding, their overflowing joy radiated through the room. Experience the magic of their special day with us. Wedding preparations, professional hair and makeup, lace wedding gown, stylish suits, joyful moments.

Favors and Decor

The wedding tables were beautifully adorned with floral arrangements meticulously crafted by the bride herself. These exquisite arrangements featured delicate shades of pink and gray, blending harmoniously with the overall ceremony decor and reflecting the colors of the varmala garlands exchanged by the couple. Furthermore, the inclusion of loose leaf tea favors added an elegant touch to the occasion. These thoughtful favors, presented in small glass cylinders and available in an array of flavors, served as delightful mementos for guests to take home after the wedding. The combination of these stunning floral arrangements and personalized tea favors truly captured the unique essence of the bride and groom, imparting a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

Wedding Ceremony

The groom, adorned in a stunning blue suit paired with a delicate blush pink turban walked down the aisle accompanied by soft, melodious tunes. On the other hand, the bride showcased her intricate mendhi design that elegantly stretched from her fingertips to her elbows, escorted to the altar by her mother. The heartfelt exchange of varmala garlands, symbolizing love in traditional Hindu weddings, incorporated fresh flowers seamlessly woven into the garlands, complementing the couple’s attire flawlessly. This amalgamation of diverse cultural elements resulted in a truly captivating and cherished moment, making it a standout highlight of the wedding.

Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony was a highlight of this intimate micro-wedding. The couple joyfully took turns pouring vibrant colors of sand into a glass vase, symbolizing their union and the intertwining of their lives. The outcome was a breathtaking, multicolored keepsake serving as a poignant reminder of their special union. This symbolic ritual beautifully represents the joining of two lives, making the ceremony truly unforgettable.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake was a delicious addition to this intimate micro-wedding. It featured delightful pink and blue cascade of flowers. This delectable treat not only pleased the taste buds but also served as a captivating centerpiece that perfectly complemented the charming décor at Ravenswood Mansion. Complimenting their wedding cake was a plate of colorful macarons, the bride’s favorite. That sweet little addition truly made for a memorable celebration.


Bridal mendhi, a mesmerizing form of creative expression, has a rich history spanning centuries. Rooted in tradition, this artistry involves adorning hands and feet with exquisite henna paste patterns. From traditional symbols to contemporary elements, the designs are diverse and distinctive. It’s believed that the darker the mendhi once dried, the greater longevity it signifies in a marital union. There is true beauty and symbolism in this timeless art form.

The blended micro wedding at Ravenswood Mansion was truly a stunning and unforgettable event. This unique celebration beautifully combined Christian and Sheikh traditions, while incorporating personal touches that truly reflected the couple’s love story. From the elegant varmala garlands to the heartfelt sand ceremony, every detail was executed flawlessly. The carefully curated floral arrangements and the heartfelt wedding ceremony added a touch of romance and sentimentality. The bride and groom’s creative approach added small but memorable touches, such as tea favors for the guests and love poems that symbolized their union. With its picturesque rolling hills, the venue provided the perfect backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. It is safe to say that everything came together beautifully to create a truly unforgettable wedding day at Ravenswood Mansion.

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Officiating – Elope In Tennessee

Planning & Design – Weddings & Events by Raina

Photography – Ivory Door Studio

Venue – Ravenswood Mansion

Florist – Larson Floral Co.

Hair & Makeup – Primp This

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