Oaklands Mansion Elopement

Oaklands Mansion Elopement

When they expressed their desire for a beautiful elopement in Tennessee. We were thrilled by their excitement! It was evident that they had eagerly anticipated meeting each other, and now they were ready to make their dreams come true. The Elope In Tennessee team worked diligently to ensure that all their needs were met. Our comprehensive packages include exquisite floral arrangements, a delectable wedding cake, professional hair and makeup services, a dedicated officiant, an experienced photographer, a skilled planner, and access to the stunning Oaklands Mansion venue. Plan your dream Tennessee elopement with us today!

The Historic Mansion

We the elegant Oaklands Mansion as the setting for our intimate elopement ceremony. The convenience of the Bridal Cottage and Grooms Room offered by Oaklands Mansion added to the joy of our preparations. Stacie looked stunning, thanks to the professional hairstyling and makeup expertise of Glisson Med Spa & Salon. Lew couldn’t help but be captivated by his beautiful bride on their special day!

The Ceremony

Lew and Stacie’s wedding day was nothing short of magical, filled with joy and laughter. Our officiant conducted a beautiful ceremony that united this lovely couple. Choosing our sister company, Elope in Tennessee, for their marriage was a fantastic decision. Ivory Door Studio captured priceless moments through their lens, creating unforgettable photos for the newlyweds to cherish. Discover the heartfelt moments and the joyous celebration of their special day.

Lew and Stacie, avid history enthusiasts, were thrilled to embark on an exploration of the enchanting Oaklands Mansion. With its rich history, spanning from its construction in 1820 to the Maney family’s various additions until 1860, there was an abundance of fascinating elements to discover. Unsurprisingly, their attention was captivated by the elegant front parlor, a cherished location for numerous historical weddings. Immerse yourself in the allure of this historic gem, nestled within Oaklands Mansion.

The First Dance

Stacie and Lew took a leisurely stroll in the picturesque wetlands, as she carried her stunning bridal bouquet from Larson Floral Co. As she kicked off her shoes, ready to frolic in the lush grass, little did she know the romantic surprise Lew had planned. With their special song queued up and ready to play, they shared their heartfelt first dance as husband and wife. This cherished memory is a testament to their beautiful wedding day. Discover the enchantment of eloping in Tennessee with us!

The Wedding Cake

After their first dance, Stacie and Lew couldn’t resist the allure of the beautiful mansion, but what truly captivated them was the delectable wedding cake from Julia’s Homestyle Bakery. They were delighted by the flavors of French vanilla and almond, complemented by a scrumptious strawberry filling, truly satisfying their shared sweet tooth.

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