Cheekwood Botanical Garden Elopement

Cheekwood Elopement

The Ceremony

When it comes to recognizing true love, there’s just no mistaking it. Our encounter with Fred and Diane left us with no doubt in our minds. On their business trip to Nashville, they couldn’t contain their excitement for eloping! After cautiously treading around each other for years, Fred finally mustered the courage to make his move. His persistent yet charming pursuit of Diane paid off splendidly. Working with Elope In Tennessee, they were fully equipped for their special day. Our comprehensive packages cover everything: flowers, wedding cake, hair and makeup, officiant, photographer, planner, and a breathtaking venue at Cheekwood Botanical Garden. Fred and Diane’s elopement couldn’t have been more perfect, and their happiness knows no bounds.

Diane and Fred exchanged vows during a beautiful ceremony. Their radiant smiles and electrifying excitement captured the attention of passersby, who showered the newlyweds with congratulations. Weddings & Events by Raina, our affiliated sister company, was honored to plan their Cheekwood elopement, beautifully documented by Ivory Door Studio. Together, they created cherished memories on their special wedding day.

The Rings

Fred proposed with a gorgeous sapphire ring. For their wedding bands, he chose a stunning diamond infinity band for Diane. She surprised Fred with a custom-made baseball wedding band. It’s no secret that Fred is an avid baseball fan. His love for Diane only rivals his love for the Cardinals. Let’s GO CARDINALS! šŸ¦āš¾ļø

The Florals

Diane’s stunning floral arrangement, crafted by Larson Floral Co., perfectly complemented the enchanting ambiance of their wedding location. Perfect for a Cheekwood Elopement! The exquisite combination of fragrant roses and anemones added to the natural beauty of the venue. Creating an unforgettable bridal bouquet.

The Gardens

Diane and Fred chose the stunning Cheekwood Botanical Garden as the perfect setting for their intimate elopement ceremony. From the moment they arrived, they were captivated by the abundance of beautiful gardens. Cheekwood was showcasing a diverse array of lush greenery and vibrant blooms. It was certainly challenging for them to pick a favorite location amidst the expansive collection of breathtaking gardens at Cheekwood. It’s truly the beauty of nature at its finest.

We suspect that Diane and Fredā€™s favorite garden may have been The Secret Garden. Sneaking away during their Cheekwood elopement, they stole a few snuggles and kisses. These two were just adorable! So in love!!

The History

Fred and Diane were avid enthusiasts of history and architecture. They were filled with excitement as they explored Cheekwood’s historic mansion and grounds. Legend has it that this magnificent abode was purposefully constructed to accommodate a spectacular gilt mirror acquired by Mabel Cheek. The mirror’s towering height necessitated either its sale or the construction of a new dwelling. Adhering to their promises, Leslie Cheek, Sr. dedicated himself to building a larger house to honor his wife’s cherished possession. By blending their names, preferences, and passions, the splendid estate of Cheekwood came into existence. It derived its distinctive name from Leslie’s surname, “Cheek,” and Mabel’s maiden name, “Wood.”

The First Dance

After a thorough exploration, we anxiously awaited Fred’s signal, as he searched for the ideal garden for their first dance. With their special song queued up and ready to play, we watched for Fred’s confirmation. Once he had found the perfect location the music began. The newlyweds shared their first dance as husband and wife, creating a cherished memory to be shared for generations.

We are thrilled that Diane and Fred selected Elope In Tennessee for their elopement planning. Upon their arrival in Tennessee, all they needed to do was obtain their marriage license. We handled every additional aspect. Choose our services for a seamless elopement experience in Tennessee!

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