Destination Wedding near Nashville

After a decade of being together, Mark and Fiona made the spontaneous decision to have a destination wedding in Nashville. Their journey began at a lively party, where Mark, serving as the DJ, played a captivating song that piqued Fiona’s interest. Cleverly, he handed her his phone and urged her to enter her number so he could send her a link to the music. Little did they know, this small interaction would blossom into a beautiful friendship that would endure over time.

Quaich Ceremony

Fiona and Mark harbored a lifelong dream of embarking on a global adventure together. For them, sealing their love by eloping abroad felt like the epitome of a truly extraordinary union. They reached out to us and we immediately sensed that Sugarfoot would serve as the idyllic destination. Drawing its name from the endearing term used for cherished sweethearts and steadfast allies who provide unwavering support, Sugarfoot exemplified everything they sought in an intimate lakeside venue near Nashville. With its lush forests and captivating limestone outcroppings, it proved to be the ideal backdrop for their enchanting elopement ceremony.

Their enchanting elopement at Sugarfoot in Tennessee is an unforgettable affair. The groom exuded charm in his traditional Scottish attire, while the bride stunned in an elegant white gown, radiating grace. Despite the absence of guests, love enveloped the couple as they exchanged their vows amidst the breathtaking scenery, making it a truly magical moment.

The ceremony became even more extraordinary with the inclusion of a two-handled quaich, an age-old marital cup representing unity. Filled with whiskey to symbolize their unwavering commitment, it added a truly distinctive touch to convey their deep devotion and love. This heartfelt gesture created an unforgettable moment that will be cherished for years to come.

The Beautiful Bouquet

The bridal bouquet was an exquisite blend of vibrant colors and captivating textures. It showcased a stunning ensemble of orange and terracotta roses, accentuated by the delicate touch of silver dollar eucalyptus, ivory veronica, and subtle hints of seeded eucalyptus. The radiant oranges and fiery terracottas imbued a sense of warmth and passion. The ivory blossoms added an element of refinement to this truly magnificent bouquet. The silver dollar eucalyptus gracefully softened the overall appearance. It created an effortlessly romantic and chic arrangement that captivated all who beheld it.

Elopement Services – Elope in Tennessee
Officiant – Weddings & Events by Raina
Photography – Ivory Door Studio
Venue – Sugarfoot

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